Car Key Replacement & Key Programming

Access Denied Locksmiths provide a mobile car key cutting and replacement service in Hertfordshire and Essex. Locate your town below and read more about the car replacement services we offer in your area.

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We are an auto-locksmith offering a fast response mobile key cutting service. We can cut and copy keys for most models of car and van.

Do you need a car key cut, or replacement car keys so you always have a spare set? Call Access Denied on 07534 277020 and we'll come to you at your home or at the roadside.

Our fully-trained engineers can provide car key cutting and/or car key programming. If you need a replacement car key cut & copied, have lost your car keys, the car key need repairing or you simply want a duplicate set of car keys our professionals can help you.

We serve Hertfordshire & Essex

Access Denied Locksmiths cover a wide range of areas across Essex and Hertfordshire. Take a look at the locations list to see all of the areas we cover.

We are your number one quick response local locksmith key cutting service.

Types of vehicle keys we cut:

Our auto locksmiths will be able to cut keys for most types of vehicles and keys, including:

  • Transponder Keys (most cars after 1998 have transponder chips & programmed to a specific car)
  • Remotes Car Keys/Electronic Chips/Key Fobs / – car keys programming required
  • Standard Car Keys (vehicle without remote central locking)
  • ‘Keyless’ Entry Fobs
  • Car keys
  • Any vehicle key for ignition, boot & petrol cap
  • Vintage & classic car keys
  • Motorcycle / Motorbike keys
  • Van keys
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Caravan keys
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#1 Car Key Cutting & Replacement

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Key fob programming & replacement

Access Denied are a Family Run, well known professional vehicle locksmith covering a range of different areas, equipped with the latest dealer level software, offering a totally mobile locksmith service in your area on the roadside for any car key related problems, ranging from lost key situations, keys locked inside the car including the boot and supplying spare van keys & car keys.

Access Denied are the number one choice when it comes to car key replacement, reprogramming, and all other vehicle key, fobs, and ignition-related problems and issues. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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If you need car keys cut, replaced or reprogrammed then please complete the form below or call 07534 277 020 and a mobile locksmith will be in touch as soon as possible:

How to get a replacement car key?

Here are the top 5 ways to get a replacement car key quickly and without putting a dent in your wallet:

#1 Call an Auto Locksmith

Call an auto locksmith who has the specialist equipment required to replace all types of keys and fobs for most vehicle models. A generic car garage will charge a diagnostic fee before any other work is carried out, and they won't have the skills or experience to work on modern car locks.

An auto locksmith company such as Access Denied has rapid response mobile engineers trained in advanced vehicle locks. They're experts in key replacement and will come directly to you, where ever you may be. It is far more convenient than arranging for your car to be towed to a garage, and much faster too.

Our car locksmiths can help with a number of car key issues including;

  • Replacement of lost keys
  • Programme remote car key fobs
  • Opening locked vehicles
  • Cut & copy vehicle Keys
  • Change and repair damaged vehicle locks
  • Repair damaged or broken keys

To book a locksmith for van or car key cutting please get in touch.

#2 Car Insurance Provider

Depending on your provider and the level of cover, Car keys are often not covered by insurance. Keys are covered, but an excess charge will be applicable in most cases. A claim will increase the cost of your premium in future years.

Some insurers offer key cover as a standalone product. It is always a good practice, however, to check if issues such as stolen vehicle keys are covered with your insurance provider.

In addition, the process by which an insurance claim is made is very time-consuming. Often, it will not fix your issue very quickly. This is especially relevant if you are stuck at the roadside waiting to get home!

#3 Vehicle Breakdown Service

Some companies such as the AA or RAC may able to help with replacement car key issues, but this can depend on the type of vehicle key you need replacing.

Although well equipped, breakdown mechanics are unlikely to have the specialised equipment required for key cutting. If they do, you may well still be in for a long wait.

Many companies like the AA will use an outsourced auto locksmith to complete the work, so you may as well go direct and save some money.

#4 Car Dealership

Usually the most expensive option, car dealerships make the bulk of their profits from aftermarket services, such as replacement car keys. This is usually the most expensive option and can take the longest amount of time to complete.

Depending on which dealership, they may need to order the parts and you will be placed in a queue until a mechanic is next available.

#5 Local Garage

Similar to the dealership, time and cost are both issues here. Most garages will charge to use the diagnostic equipment, landing you with a hefty bill before any work has been carried out.

It is unlikely that a local garage will have specialist key coding equipment on-site that a car locksmith carries and so may well bring in an external auto locksmith anyway, charging the cost on to you.

Finding a garage that can replace and program new car keys can often be a difficult task. It is a very specialised job and so a garage may not be the best choice if you are in a rush.

Call now and speak to a Professional in Hertfordshire & Essex on 07534 277 020.