Here at Access Denied locksmiths Hertford we like to make sure our customers homes are safe. This month we are going to inform you about the top 5 reasons to change your locks.

Reason 1 – Changing the locks on a home that you have just moved into to is vital. There are endless people that could have a key to your home including the spare key with the neighbour, ex tenants that may have rented your home before and even old facilities companies that had house keys to access your home, so its important to make sure you upgrade your locks when you move property, We also recommend that you use British standard locks, Using after market locks can void your insurance policy, and make it easy for opportunists thief to gain entrance.

Reason 2 – Cheap euro cylinder’s ;- Lock snapping has become extremely popular in Essex and Hertfordshire due to the increase of UPVC and composite & aluminium doors, you might of herd of the term “Cylinder snapping” or “bumping a lock”.
Burglars target cheap after market euro cylinders for easy entrance, they target UPVC doors which in 95% of doors use the incorrect euro cylinder sizes, and cheap brands.

Reason 3 – The Term “lock snapping” involves Snapping one end of a euro cylinder to manipulate the lock to gain access,
You might think that all the Multi Locking Points are engaged to make your door secure, it’s vital to realise all the multi locking points on your door are operated via the Euro cylinder –
as this is the weakest point if manipulated correctly all the door and the locking points become useless.

Reason 4 – Break ins;- Cylinder snapping Requires a few basic tools brought from your local hardware store, it doesn’t require any skill or knowledge. Hertfordshire and Essex constabulary are warning residents about the Cylinder/lock-snapping vicious attacks!
35% of home dwelling burglaries involve the lock snapping technique.

Reason 5 -Preventing Euro Locking snapping / Euro cylinder snapping its Obivous that this is a real threat to our security, on the whole preventing this is just a simple operation.
its a easy quick and friendly process, so theres nothing to be worried about, being cautious and taking action is vital and could prevent you a lot of bother!

We advise that you use Untion brisant With there Very High 38 Anti snap security,
6 oval pin accredited to ts007 5* as well the MLA’s coveted sold secure Diamond, British standard.

Here’s there website if you want to visit them
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