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Range Rover Key Replacement in Hertfordshire

Losing a key, having your keys stolen, or even just realising that your key is no longer working for some reason, is a really stressful time for most people, especially when you rely on your Range Rover to get you from place to place on a daily basis. Our Range Rover key replacement service is here to help!

When this happens, you need to find a trustworthy auto locksmith who can provide you with Range Rover key replacement and get you on your way again. This can be difficult when you own a luxury vehicle, as you want to make sure you find a professional who is used to dealing with prestige vehicles and knows exactly what they are doing.

That’s where Access Denied Locksmiths come in. We are a family run mobile auto locksmith company, we provide key replacement services for all vehicles, including prestige vehicles like Range Rovers. Just take a look at our Instagram feed to see all of the Range Rover jobs we have covered, including replacing keys, ignitions, changing locks, and more!

Range Rover Mobile Locksmiths

As we are mobile auto locksmiths, we come to you! It doesn’t matter where you are, or what the problem is. Give our team a call and we’ll have a locksmith with you within 30 minutes, getting you and your Range Rover back on the road in the shortest time possible. Our professional locksmiths have the knowledge and know-how to get your Range Rover back on the road, we can gain access to your vehicle, cut and program new keys, all within a very short space of time, and all at the side of the road.

If you have Range Rover key or ignition problems and you need Range Rover key replacement Hertfordshire,then give us a call today to see how we can help!

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Yes, we can gain secure access to your Range Rover without causing any damage, and retrieve your Range Rover key.

Give us a call on 07534 277 020, we will come to you and your Range Rover, wherever you are, gain secure access to your Range Rover, reprogram your car so that the stolen keys will no longer work, and program a new replacement key for you. We can do all of this at the side of the road.

For an accurate quotation, please contact our office on 077534 277 020 with your location, make, and model of your Ford Transit, and we will give you an accurate price.

Yes, this issue is usually caused by a problem with the electronic steering wheel lock. At Access Denied Locksmiths, we have the latest equipment, technology, and know-how, to diagnose any issues with your Range Rover keys and ignition, allowing us to quickly fix most issues at the side of the road.

If you have lost your Range Rover Evoque key then you need to contact an auto locksmith. We can come to you and gain entry to your Range Rover Evoque without causing any damage. We can then program you a new key, or if you’re worried that someone else might have found your lost key (or if it may be stolen) then we can reprogram your Evoque so the old keys will no longer work.

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“Managed to lose the key for my Range Rover and I didn’t have a spare key. I called Access Denied and they arrived within 15 minutes, programmed two new keys for me, so I now have a spare key. Great guys, great service.”

Elena Allen

“Had my keys stolen last night, I have a spare key for my Vogue, but obviously wasn’t happy knowing that someone else now had a key for it too! Tyler fixed this issue for me, new codes, new keys, all secure once again!”

Josh Robinson

“Went to drive to work this morning and the steering lock had failed on my Range Rover, the key just wouldn’t turn inside the ignition. Got on Google and found Access Denied, rang them and within 30 mins they arrived, replaced the ignition and had me on my way to work. Highly recommended.”

Gary Davis
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Keys Locked Inside your Range Rover?

It happens to the best of us. You step outside of your vehicle and walk away, only to realise your key is still in your car and your car is now locked! The situation is bad enough when you do it at home, but it’s even more stressful when it happens in a public place, or at work, or anywhere you don’t have your home comforts.

The last thing you want to do is leave your car unattended (especially if your car key is on show inside your Range Rover), all it takes is for the wrong person to see the key, smash your window, and drive away with your Range Rover.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry, give Access Denied a call and we will be at your side within 30 minutes. We are Range Rover key specialists, we can gain entry to your vehicle without causing any damage, retrieve your key, and have you on your way in less than an hour from your original call time. We work 7 days a week, and as mobile Range Rover locksmiths, we come to you, wherever you are!


Range Rover Electric Steering Lock Failure

While the electronic steering lock in your Range Rover is designed to help prevent theft and authorised use of your vehicle, by preventing the steering wheel from being turned without the use of a key, it can cause issues for you (the owner and driver of the vehicle) when it fails. When this system fails, you’ll find that your Range Rover will not start, even with the key inserted. There are a number of reasons why your steering lock may fail on your Range Rover, some occur gradually over time (with intermittent problems), while others just appear out of the blue.

If you are having any of the following problems, then it could be as a result of an electronic steering lock failure:

  • Unable to turn the key in the ignition
  • Having to turn your Range Rover key multiple times before the engine starts
  • A constant clicking noise when trying to start the car
  • The ability to turn the steering wheel even when the key is not in the ignition

If you notice any of these problems, then you should call an emergency auto locksmith as soon as possible. Even if you do get your car to start, the fact that you have experienced one of these issues means that there is a problem there which needs to be addressed by a professional. If you ignore the problem or delay having a Range Rover auto locksmith come to take a look at your car, then you could do further damage to your Range Rover and end up having to pay more money to get the problem resolved.

Electronic steering lock failures on Range Rovers can be caused by the car itself, or they can be caused by faults with the programming of the key. Whatever the cause, our professional Range Rover engineers have the tools and experience to quickly diagnose the issue and carry out any necessary repairs on your Range Rover to get you back on the road.


Lost or Stolen Range Rover Keys

Owning such a prestige vehicle makes it all the more worrying and stressful if you lose your keys, or even worse, if they are stolen! You don’t know who has your keys or if they know where your car is. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to call an emergency Range Rover key technician.

If you leave your car unattended, it only takes a moment for whoever stole your keys to let themselves in to your Range Rover and drive away! Access Denied are mobile Range Rover locksmiths, so we come to you! You can stay with your vehicle, and we will be with you within 30 minutes or less.

When we arrive, we will gain access to your vehicle without causing any damage. We can then either program a new key for you to replace your old keys, or, if your keys have been stolen, we can reprogram your car so that the old keys will no longer work, and provide you with a new set of working keys!

Access Denied are highly qualified and experienced locksmiths, we use the latest equipment, and high quality keys which are indistinguishable from the originals. Give us a call today and we will replace your lost or stolen Range Rover keys at the side of the road, having you on your way in little to no time at all!