At Access Denied, we are often called out to help with broken car keys. Usually these problems are easy to fix, but that doesn’t make things any less stressful or annoying for the driver. We’ve asked one of our customers about the time their car key stopped working. Here’s what they had to say:

A common problem

“A few weeks ago, I headed out the door and embarked on my journey to work. However, I was soon stuck when my car key stopped working. The key itself wasn’t damaged and the lock seemed to be in tact, which is why I was pretty confused. My car key stopped working and I have no idea why. This is when I realised I’d need the help of an automotive locksmith. I’d heard good things about Access Denied from a few friends, so I gave them a call. Within moments, one of their automotive locksmiths was on their way to help me out.

When Access Denied arrived, I explained that my car key stopped working and I had no idea why. Luckily, they knew far more than me and were able to diagnose the issue within a few minutes of being there. Then, they got to work. Access Denied are completely mobile, so I didn’t need to take my car anywhere and they were able to do their job whilst sitting on my driveway.

It turned out that my car key had become damaged whilst in my handbag, but it was an easy problem to fix. The automotive locksmith quickly created a replacement car key and I was able to get to work.”

Who do I call?

We’re on hand to help. At Access Denied, we have the skill and experience needed to fix a variety of car key problems. Whether you’re faced with a snapped car key or your car key simply won’t do it’s job, one of our automotive locksmiths will be able to solve the problem. To find out more about Access Denied and what to do if your car key has stopped working, get in touch. Contact us today on 07534 277020 or via the online contact form.