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5 simple tips to keep your home secure this Christmas.


Christmas is around the corner, now is the time to make sure you’re protected!

DON’T let your Christmas be spoiled for the sake of a 5 minute Safety Check!

Burglaries rise by up to 110% during the festive period, so it’s vital you put home security at the forefront of your priorities. Have a look at our dedicated checklist below for some great tips on how to keep your home and valuables safe this Christmas.

Are you away this Christmas or out visiting family? Many people take extended breaks at this time of the year to visit loved ones. If your planning to trek out even for a couple of days take the notes from this guide and use them to ensure you come home to everything as you left it.

Step 1: The simplest step of all but one that is often forgotten when you’re in a mad dash to leave the house. Always ensure you LIFT your handle and TURN your key to double lock your door when you leave you home. Even when you’re in your home double locking is still a great idea for home security.

Step 2: Often forgotten when you’re tired and its cold, people tend to just leave keys sitting in locks in the door at night. At Access Denied we recommend taking a couple of moments to remove keys from the backs of locks. This creates more security for the home with little effort.

Step 3: This one may be a tad obvious but it should not go unmentioned. We are at the time of year when a lot of valuables are coming in and out of the home getting ready for that magical day. It’s a huge must that you keep these out of sight! Burglars looking for a prime opportunity will look for people who make it obvious they have things to steal, always go the extra mile and hide away any obvious items.

Step 4: Does your home have a Wooden Door? If so does that door happen to have a Mortice Lock (Chubb)? If so you should ensure you lock it every time you leave the house! If you don’t have a Mortice lock it would be well be worth getting in touch with our team. Our dedicated and friendly staff can explain the benefits of having one fitted whilst giving information about our range.

Step 5: People often forget about Windows! It’s very easy to forget to use those annoyingly little keys to go round and lock them all up. At this time of year we tend to spend a lot of time out of the home and unlocked windows with keys in are an easy entrance for a thief. We highly recommend taking a few minutes out of

Have a Merry & Secure Christmas Everyone from the Access Denied Team!