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Do You need a Ford Transit Custom ignition Replacement in Hertfordshire?

Transit Custom Ignition Replacement

Ford Transit Custom Ignition Replacement Hertfordshire service is here to help with this common issue. Ford Transit Customs are a great looking, and reliable van, but they have some serious issues when it comes to their ignitions. Do not be too concerned, we can help!

Ford Transit Custom ignition problems have been around for years, they have always been known to wear down, but on the old MK7 Transit, this general wear and tear wouldn’t cause any issues for around 8 years, but with more recent models, we’re seeing the problem appear much sooner.

Warning Signs your Ford Custom Ignition is Failing and you may need Ford Transit Custom ignition Replacement Hertfordshire

Unfortunately, for most people, there are no warning signs. One day you put your key into your Ford Custom ignition and it either gets stuck or simply will not turn, leaving you stranded.

However, if you are lucky, you may get a bit of a warning. If you notice that sometimes you have to wiggle your key a little in the ignition in order to get it to turn, then now is the time to get a professional locksmith out to take a look at your keys and ignition.

If you continue to use your key after noticing this problem, then you could end up doing more damage, making for a more expensive repair, or possibly even the need to replace your ignition block. That is where the Ford Transit Custom Ignition replacement service comes in.

My Key’s Wont Turn in my Custom Ignition

If your Ford Transit Custom ignition has failed, we can help.

Whether your key is stuck and simply needs to be removed and have a new blade cut, or if your ignition is damaged beyond repair from a worn key blade and your ignition needs to be replaced.

Access Denied Locksmiths can offer the Ford Transit Custom Ignition replacement service to repair or replace your Ford Transit Custom ignition and get it back in use.

Call Today if your Key is stuck in your Transit Custom Ignition, We have technicians available in Hertfordshire & Essex


Yes, we repair 90% of ignitions on the roadside and carry all of the spare parts required for all Ford Transit MK7’s, MK8’s, and Customs.

For an accurate quotation, please contact our office on 077534 277 020 with your location, make, and model of your Ford Transit, and we will give you an accurate price.

If we have to replace your ignition because we cannot rebuild you existing barrel, we will cut new key blades and fit them into your old key fobs so you will not need to have your keys re-programmed.

Most Ford Transit Custom ignition replacements can be completed in less than 30 minutes. This timeframe may shift depending on the age and model of your Transit Custom, or if there are other complications which require additional work.

Like with most car parts, the ignition can fail due to general wear and tear. The ignition cylinder can ware out, as can the wafters inside the lock. When this happens, your key can no longer move the wafers inside the cylinder to the correct height.

This means – as far as your ignition is concerned – that you are not inserting the right key. Get in touch with Access Denied and we can repair or replace your ignition and get your Ford Transit Custom on the road again.

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“Snapped my key in my Custom ignition. Access Denied removed the key, cut me a new key and attached it to the fob. Highly recommended.”

Aaron Garfield

“The key stopped turning in my Ford Transit ignition, Tyler came out and rebuilt my lock, so now I can go to work again. Very happy, 5 star service!”

Tom Walker

“My Transit Custom ignition failed while I was on site, The RAC came out and tried to fix the barrel but could not do it, I was recommended to Access Denied Locksmiths and they replaced my ignition on the same day. Thanks again!”

Gary Davis

What Causes Ford Transit Custom Ignition Failure?

There are two main problems which cause a Ford Transit Custom ignition to fail:

1 – Worn Key Blades

The first problem is down to the amount of wear on your Ford Transit Custom key blade. As with all keys, it’s unique to fit a certain lock, in this case, the lock and ignition on your Transit Custom. If you look at your key, you’ll see a curvy line which runs along the length of your key, this is what makes this key unique to your lock and ignition.

Your key needs a crisp line in order for the ignition lock to work correctly. The crisp line must be able to move all of the lock levers into the right position in order for the lock to turn.

Every time you put your key into your ignition, or remove it from your ignition, this line starts to wear down. As it gets worn down, it then struggles to move all 10 of the levers in the ignition lock into the correct place. When that happens, you’ll begin to notice problems such as needing to wiggle your key around in the ignition in order to get the levers to catch and move into place correctly. As time goes on and more wear is added to the key, it will stop to work at all.

2 – Worn Lock Levers

The other problem is down to the ignition’s lock levers. There are ten lock levers which are made from brass, and they move up and down inside the lock when you insert the key into the ignition. Every time you put your key into the ignition, or remove it from the ignition, these lock levers get slightly worn.

Over time, the problem gets worse. Initially you may notice the ignition being a bit ‘sticky’ when turning the key, when this happens, you can usually get the key to turn by giving it a bit of a wiggle inside the ignition, however, that puts even more strain on the lock levers and causes them to wear down even more rapidly.

What should you do if you’re noticing problems with your Ford Transit Custom ignition?

If you notice your ignition feeling sticky, or you notice the clean line on your key wearing down, or if you have to give your key a wiggle when you put it in the ignition in order for it to turn, then you should get a professional locksmith out as soon as possible to have a look at your vehicle.

If you notice the issue early enough, you may get away with simply having a new key blade cut or a small repair on your ignition. The longer you leave the issue and continue to use the vehicle without having it fixed, the worse the problem will get, and you will end up needing to replace your ignition block and have new key blades cut.