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Door & Window Security
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Door and Window Security in your home

Door and Window security can not only leave your home at risk but it can also be a loss of money across the year for your come, check out our guide below to learn whats best for your property.

Most home owners aren’t aware of how old and damaged doors can not only be costing you money but also potentially be putting your home at risk. Older Wooden doors especially suffer from long term erosion and damage if not well maintained and treated on a regular basis. This can lead to the degradation of your door and window security.

As doors begin to age they bow and wear over time due to the weather and just day to day use, this wear makes them much more accessible to thieves and also a lot less efficient in the thermal insulation of your home. (This can seriously raise the cost of your energy bills annually.) below you will find a step by step guide on what you should check for the best Door & Window Security for your home.

Here are the things to check that might make it necessary for you to change your doors and window security for your home:

  • Firstly check for a draft around all seals, if you can feel a draft coming in then your draft extractor or seals have failed and this can leave your door insecure and can also mean you’re wasting money on your heating. It’s always best to get drafts dealt with right away to save you money and also to provide security to the locks on your door.
  • Next check your door closes properly, it’s vital that you don’t need to put pressure of any kind on the door to close it. If you do it could suggest that the door is not hung properly or that it has bowed in search away due to wear and tear that it is now damaging the lock and hinges. This repetitive strain will put the security of your home at risk over time.
  • On to hinges, over time your doors hinges can become loose and unseated, this can cause the door to be positioned incorrectly putting adverse strain on the lock. Open the door and have a good look, make sure your hinges are straight and well fastened to the door frame, if they aren’t this needs to be addressed by a professional.
  • Finally the LOCK! This is the most important part of the door and there is multiple things you should make sure are secure for proper home security. Step 1 is to check the lock is secure to the door and not at all all loose it should also be closing into place firmly without force. Secondly you to make sure that your not having trouble using your key in the lock, a little resistance is normally but too much can result in broken keys or a lock that wont accept a key. If you have issues like these you should get a professional to check it right away.

How Access Denied can help you with door and window security:

At Access Denied were not just locksmiths were professional door & window security fitters also, this means if you ascertain that you have any of the previous issues we have the solutions for you. We can fit brand new Police Assured locks which can provide better security to your home.

If you don’t want to change the lock on your home as you like what you have we can provide fully fledged restoration services and new keys which can bring the locks back to their former glory. (A member of the team will advise you if this is possible and if not will consult with you about the options available.)

You might find that the door and window security itself is the major problem with your current home security and because of this we have fully qualified door fitters who have completed thousands of installations of new doors and windows which are more secure and more energy efficient for you home.

Feel free to call us on 07534 277020 for an impartial quote on what your home might need door and window security wise. We will discuss your current options and what we feel would be the best options for you moving forward. We provide a large range of quality and industry assured products which will perfectly compliment any home.

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