Vehicle Security – 6 ways to prevent car theft!

Six best ways to prevent car theft

Firstly thanks for visiting our article on Auto Locksmiths Vehicle Security, the tips and tricks here will help keep your vehicle safe! Today you will learn about the six best ways to prevent car theft.

At Access Denied we do a lot of work on cars with missing keys and keys that are locked inside vehicles. In this instance, our focus is on gaining entry to the vehicle by lock picking it. This process causes no damage to the door of the lock and allows people to recover their keys which are ideal. A lot of the times when we use this method to get into cars people are quite shocked at how simple we make it look.

Let’s be clear car locksmiths are trained professionals and trying to lock pick a car is not something you will succeed with by simply watching a few videos online and “Having a go”. As trained professionals, we have spent years honing our skills to make the process and quick and painless as possible as 9 times out of 10 people are in a hurry when they need us.

Unfortunately, there are eager little criminals out there who do possess the skills to lock pick cars or use other methods to gain entry to your vehicle and this is not ideal for any owner, so here is our Auto Locksmiths Vehicle Security guide to things you should do to ensure your car security:

  • Valuables: It sounds silly but a lot of people in this new age of technology and mobile devices tend to leave things sitting around in the car that make you a target for thieves. A high end PC or mobile device in a park in a public place screams for attention so tuck those devices away. Our Auto locksmiths will always make recommendation on 9 and of 10 jobs to be careful with item placement.
  • Open Windows: It might sound silly but that 5 minutes in the shop is all a thief requires to steal a vehicle. You might think there’s no harm in leaving the windows open but it’s a good advert for an opportunist. At the same time it’s so common for people not to lock their cars on a quick trip. This is a huge factor in car theft and you should always take 2 minutes to check you have done it.
  • Car Alarms: If you have one its best to use it if not there are inexpensive solutions you can purchase which will give your car that extra security. Car alarms are incredibly annoying when they go off but they will stop someone stealing your vehicle. Auto locksmiths can advise you on good solutions you can purchase and provide installation.
  • Points for Parking: It goes without saying but parking in well-populated areas which always provide more security for your vehicle at the same time keep your car on a drive or in a garage if you have one. The Hassall of using a personal garage can take a few extra minutes but this time is well spent when it means your car is secure. Our Auto Locksmiths are also specialists in locks for Garages so if you notice your locks failing or need keys get in touch and we can take care of that for you.
  • Steering Wheel Locks: These are not used loads but are great for deterring people from breaking into your vehicle. Steering wheel locks Provide security and show people that your car is going to be more difficult to steal. They are inexpensive items and can be picked up at retailers everywhere with different qualities. If you want the best get in touch our Auto Locksmiths can advise you what’s best accredited and what’s best for your make and model of vehicle.
  • Make it a pain to Steal: Thieves want the easiest option possible when stealing a car. A useful and really easy little trick is to always do the following. When parking at the kerb turn your wheels into the curb. When parking next to other vehicles again points your wheels towards another vehicle as this is a great deterrent and means taking your car requires a little more effort.

Another useful thing you can consider our vehicle tracking system which in this day and age have become fairly cheap and affordable with the options to hook up to your smartphone. This means in the horrid event that some unscrupulous so and so does make off with your car it’s going to be very easy for you to locate it. Also simple stickers giving notifications of alarms on the on-board will act as a visual deterrent to thieves. Cheap stickers off eBay or other online shops make a subtle difference for pennies.

Access Denied auto locksmiths guide takes car security seriously, we strive to offer solutions and information that will allow you to keep your pride and joy in your possession. Our specialists can evaluate your car and give sound advice on what needs to be improved for security and also carry out extensive checks to make sure your current locking systems are functioning as they should be.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our Auto Locksmiths Vehicle Security Guide on the six best ways to prevent car theft and recommend sharing it with your friends so they too can keep their vehicles safe!

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